Offing the Offseason

Golden Oreos.  Beer.  Red Wine.  Queso.  Chips.  Pizza.

Let's just say all of the above have been in my diet - a lot - here lately.  And my waistline is totally starting to reap the "rewards" of the gluttony.  I need to off the off-season ASAP.  I haven't decided on a training plan yet for next year's 70.3, but I need to pick one and get on it ASAP.  At least a month or two of pre-training to get back to where I was a couple of months ago.

What plan did you use for your first 70.3?  And please pass the cheese dip.


Matthew Smith said...

My waistline is really feeling the off season too. Should we get back out there and kick some butt? I'm sending you an email with some links/plans that I used this year for training. Hopefully they'll help ya.

Ms Mae said...

OMG - I had this same thought this morning :)

I just found a workout buddy and am hoping that keeps me more accountable as for a 70+k....um you are on your own hun.

Ms. Duffy said...

Sing it, sistah.

I haven't done a 70.3 but I've been looking at training plans because I think I might try one at the end of next season. I found this, from Matt Fitzgerald, which I liked because it was really straightforward:


There's also a free one that looks promising on Beginner Triathlete - it's one of those plans that are laid out in a series of PDFs for each week.

Finally, I tried to make my own plan using Joe Friel's Triathlete's Bible, but it was too complicated! I was fine with the big picture, planning your weeks / months and periods out from the race, but once it got down to putting individual workouts on paper and deciding how long they should be I was kind of lost. However, Your Best Triathlon also has pre-made plans, if you want to be all hardcore and badass about it. Good luck!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I love Golden Oreos!!!

My whole goal this off season is to lose inches and train consistantly