Tuesday Toss Up

Gah.  The road to hell is paved with good intentions, right?  I think my diet may have become worse in the past week.  As I type this, I can actually feel my belly growing and making my pants tighter.  WAIT - maybe my pants are just shrinking as I sit here.  That could be it, right?

I know this downtime is important mentally and physically, but I know KNOW I need to get back at it ASAP. I feel better in all areas of my life when I'm in a regimented training schedule.  Even knowing that deep inside, why is it so hard to get back and up on the wagon?

Anyway - a few random thoughts for this Tuesday.

1) I got an iPhone!  yay yay!  It's not the super fancy new one, but it sure is a lot freaking cooler than my old crappy Droid Eris.  My iPhone is my newest bestest friend.

2) Speaking of friends - this is the start of Year 3 for me in the great state of Ohio.  Making friends is tough.  In NC, I think it honestly took me about six or seven years to feel really established in my friendships.  A lot happened during those times where I went through different phases with different people, but I had three or four very solid friendships and countless other "looser" friendships that I still treasure to this day.  Those were friendships that were very hard to leave behind.  Fast forward to today, and things have changed a lot. Distance is tough on a bond between anyone - time and space.  I've really started feeling the toll of that distance here lately.  Because of the fact I make no money (really, NO money), I can't travel to see friends or family.  Last year I was able to get in trips to Chicago and DC based on some good cheap travel planning, but this year nothing.  I haven't even been home to Texas to visit my own family in almost two years due to the cost involved.  It's all starting to take a toll on my relationships and my sanity.

With that being said, it has me in somewhat of a funk.

BUT I am very happy to say that I am in the early stages of some great, rich, and wonderful friendships here in Ohio.  There's always that silly little nagging doubt though - "Do they like me?  Do they really like me?"  Finding friends is somewhat like dating, isn't it?

3) I am hitting my stride teaching my SPINNING classes.  I am so glad I got certified to teach.  The evenings I teach are probably the most fun I have all week.

4) I wish teaching paid mad cash.  It does not.  Mizz Duffy had a great post this week about pre-planning the expenses for the 2012 season.  I did that exact same thing last year.  This year, I am afraid to even think about it.  Right now I have huge aspirations and no funds to back it up.  Something has to change - and fast. I can't keep going like this. I need a new bike.  I need cash for race fees.  And to me, these are things I do feel like I NEED, not  just "want" - that speaks a lot to me and the passion I feel about the sport.  Le sigh - what to do. What to do.

To wrap up, what do you do to keep your long distance friendships alive?  Any tips?  Tricks?


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Keeping up with friends in AZ is tough, I go back once every 2 years and I make plans to see them each time, inbetween time is hard though

Since you have a bike, we can be friends ;-)

Matthew Smith said...

Congrats on the Iphone! Aren't they awesome! And on the friends thing...you've always got us bloggers. We like you! :) Nice work with the spinning. Keep it up!

Ms. Duffy said...

Thanks for the shout out! I have hardly any NY friends even though half the people I went to college with live here, albeit in different boroughs than me. It's weird - life totally gets in the way, especially with a kid in the mix. We just seem to have different priorities.