Back from the Windy City

George and Laura's big day!!!!

I am back from the Windy City!!!! I am happy to say that my buddy D and I actually DID get one run in over the weekend. We headed out at 6:30am on Friday to do a 3 mile out and back to the end of Navy Pier. Unfortunately, due to recent heatwaves, it was already about 80 at 6:30am, and the humidity was well above 70%. We made it though - and for that I am proud. Next time in Chicago, I would love to do a nice long run down Lakeshore - but it just wasn't in the cards with all the wedding planning. The wedding was fantastic. It was great to see my girls. Here's just a few pics borrowed from others until I upload my own. Congrats, G and L! We love you guys and are so thrilled for you!!!!

Me, Becky and Darrah - reunited again for the first time in almost two years!

My snazzy wedding get-up. I wish someone would do my hair and makeup for me all the time!

And speaking of weddings...guess who is celebrating their two year wedding anniversary next week???? Me and the Dr. B :-)

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