hey, all - sorry for taking a few days off on posting. it's mainly because i am not really back on the training wagon quite yet. i'm not sure what motivates all of you, but what motivates me is a race. and right now i have ZERO races on the docket for the rest of the year. i would like to find one more tri and possibly a few fall runs. there is a "half of a half marathon" coming up in september i am considering, but i am at a loss for a late season tri.

with that being said, in the past two weeks i have logged two bike rides, one run and one morning of jillian. a fitness master i am. we also just had a great visit from some friends, and tomorrow i am jumping on a plane to attend the wedding of one of my dear friends in chicago.

i've never run in chi-town, so i am hoping to knock out a few miles in the windy city before the trip is over. this will all, of course, depend each day on the amount if beer/wine consumed the night before :-)

with that being said, i am signing off for now - i'll visit again next week and hopefully have some snazzy pics to share. i noticed that my blog formatting may go in the crapper this weekend, but be patient - i will have it looking snazzy again in no time. enjoy your weeks and weekends, my friends, i will catch you on the other side of sunday!

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KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Have a great time in Chi-town! I hope you get a chance to run along Lakeshore drive...so pretty.