Week 16 - Smooth Sailing

As of tomorrow, I am officially into Week 16.  This pregnancy is flying by - within a month I will be halfway there.  Well, baby will be halfway there.

I have been extremely lucky this whole process - still no sickness, and everything seems to be fine with the developing kiddo.  Fingers staying crossed!

This is week two of not teaching spinning classes; I miss it, but I know I made the right call.  While I haven't put myself into a structured workout schedule, I am staying fairly active.  I managed to get out for a hilly 13 mile bike ride last weekend on a beautiful 66 degree day. I also manage to get to the gym for walks on the indoor track, and I do mild lifting when I work with my personal training clients.  Between all that, I feel like I haven't strayed too much from fitness land in the past month or so. I feel better when I am active, but I also feel like I should enjoy not being on a "plan" or "schedule" of working out for the first time in about four years.

I had a midwife appointment today, and baby's heartbeat is nice and strong.  My weight gain is a couple pounds ahead of schedule, so I need to back away from the sweets a bit.  ha!

Other than that, not a ton to report!  Workin hard, playin hard :-)

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