Recognizing Limitations

Today marks the last day of my first trimester.  I remember when I first found out I was pregnant, seeing the conclusion of this first stage seemed SO far in the future.  Ummmm, yeah.  It has FLOWN by.  How on earth am I already a third of the way through this process?  I'm not "showing" yet, but I am feeling uber flabby.  In fact, I feel and look exactly like I did before I started training and racing triathlons almost three years ago.  My weight is nearly the same, I'm back in size 12, and I'm "running" the same pace I was back then (when I run anyway).  It's like I have stepped back in the past!

I know it is all due to the changes I am going through, but I think I'm ready to start looking pregnant rather than just unfit :-)

Now that I am entering into my second trimester, it is time to own up to some limitations.  I've been teaching Spinning classes for over a year and a half now.  I teach a minimum of twice a week, sometimes three or more if I sub in for someone else.

I made the tough decision last week to end my teaching at the end of February. As everyone knows, a pregnant woman's body is filled with all sorts of crazy hormones, and some of those are working to loosen joints.  This is GOOD as the baby grows in size - your body is ready to stretch.  it's even better in labor when you have to shoot a watermelon out of your hoo-ha.  Due to the loosening of the joints, it's easier to injure oneself, and you may feel increased soreness after exercise.  That has definitely been my experience.  Over the past several weeks, I'm hobbling around like an 80 year old lady for a few hours after my spinning classes.

I really hoped I would be able to super-badass it and teach through about month five or so, but it looks like making it to month 3.5 will be my stopping point.  It's bittersweet.  I'm ready to move onto the next phase of my pregnancy, but Spinning and teaching has been a big part of my life in the past 18 months.  But - this is a time in life where it's not about me.  It's about the baby.  And baby isn't loving spinning too much.

I have four classes left, starting tonight!


Tiffany Campiotti said...

That is a tough spot when you don't look preggers yet. Not the best phase, but it passes.
WTG recognizing your personal limitations, as difficult as it is. Happy baby growing :)

Amber said...

I'm having this dilemma as well. I feel out of shape since I don't quite look pregnant yet. My clothes are snug but the maternity clothes are too big. Looking forward to looking pregnant for sure!!

Colleen said...

I remember that stage where you wished you looked more pregnant because then it would go along with how you feel! :) It'll come... be patient!

I think it's smart that you step away from the teaching if that's what your body is telling you. I will say, at 25 weeks, it doesn't get any easier to work out and the ligament /joint changes are definitely noticeable. Maybe it'll be fun for you to participate in classes versus teach!

M said...

Mrs B (Amy) - I totally deleted your comment by accident!!! I tried to accept it on my phone and hit delete instead :-( Thank you so much for the well wishes though! It was great to see your comment pop up!!!

Susan DeBruin said...

Good for you for listening to your body and respecting all the awesomeness that goes on as you grow a baby! Of course, I can understand how it may not always *feel* awesome, with all the joint pains. Hope you get into the looking preggers phase quickly and enjoy it!