Moving in slow motion

Thank you all so much for your kind comments and good thoughts for our loss.  It has been a ridiculously hard three days.  It seems like Monday night was so far ago, yet only moments away.  I put on a pair of jeans this morning and realized once I got to work that I was wearing these on Monday.  I found two or three of Betsy's little hairs stuck to my pants.  Luckily, I am learning to hold back the waterworks, but my heart broke a little bit more.  We had our girl cremated and will get her remains back this week.  I think we will keep them in the provided urn until spring.  Last year, I had Betsy out on her tie out shortly after all the daffodils bloomed.  I watched what I thought was our adorable little girl sitting happily in the grass smelling the flowers.  As I observed a bit longer, I realized she wasn't just smelling the flowers.  After a quick sniff, she quickly bit the flowers off the plant, spit them on the ground, then moved on to the next one.  Le sigh.  What a goof.  I think I would like to spread her ashes with the daffodils once they reappear in the spring.  Or maybe once the snow starts to melt - that way maybe she'll be part of the daffodils.  We miss her every minute, but we are grateful that our friends and family have been so wonderfully supportive.  We only had our Betsy for one year, two months and twenty days.  Amazing that a 13 pound dog can make this kind of impact in that short amount of time.  We love you girl, and we always will.

nom nom nom


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Still in my thoughts and prayers, if you need anything, call me

Matthew Smith said...

I was thinking about you today and thought that a lot of times, we love our dogs as much as humans. To top it off, many times we don't expect dogs to die like we do humans, so it can be surprising...especially in your case. Time heals many things, but until then, I'm thinking about you.

Christi said...

Great picture of your little girl! Hugs!