Back to regularly scheduled programming

So, anything new?

Things are starting to resemble some state of normalcy now.  Things are different - a little sadder, a little less filled with joy.  The loss of Betsy broke our hearts, and it will take some time to recover.  In the meantime, we have to think of all the wonderful memories and move forward.  All of us leave this earth at some point or another  - loss is a part of life.  But we keep moving until it's our own time to go.  And that's what we will do.

I have started to get back into training a bit.  I've started making Run Club again on Wednesday night.  Our coach always has some fantastic treadmill/interval/strength training workouts for the winter months, and I know that they really helped me increase my speed last year.  I'm also in talks to snag my own bike trainer - looks like I will get a chance at both a magnetic trainer AND rollers, so it should be an interesting winter.

I also got an invite today to join a team for The Bourbon Chase, a 200 mile relay through Kentucky's bourbon country.  I first heard about this race last year and am thrilled I was asked to join a team this year.  The race isn't until late September 2012, but I know it will be a blast.

I'm still teaching spin, and that is going great.  The gym I teach at just changed locations, and I taught my first class in the new space last week.  I was afraid no one would show, but my four regulars were there like clockwork.  My goal in 2012 is to increase my attendance a bit - surely I can have 8 at any given time (our studio only has about 15 bikes I think?)

There may also be a development where I am leading a cycle group in Columbus, but I'll provide details on that once it's finalized.  The other cool thing is that teamroll: multisport is in full swing this year.  If you are in the central Ohio area and interested in joining a new team that aims to spread the goodwill of the sport, shoot me an email.  I'd love to chat with you.  I happen to be co-leading the team with a VERY famous blogger, so you know it must be a super cool group.

So, that's about it for now.  Trying to move on, and I  think we're doing a pretty good job. Thank you all for your good thoughts.  They have definitely helped.


Christi said...

One day at a time... that is all you can do.

Ms. Duffy said...

I wish I lived out there! I would LOVE to be on a super fun tri team with you & BDD!

Matthew Smith said...

Even though you'll never get over your puppy, it's good to hear that life is continuing for you. I love your drive to make your spin class the best ever! That's great! You'll get 8 no problem. You should assign each regular to force at least one other person to come. Instant doubling!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I want to be back to regular scheduled programming, everything feels like such a chire now a days