Getting back into the groove

I am finally getting back up into training after my month of sloth.  Woot.  As crappy as I started to feel taking most of September off, I am glad I did.  I can feel my energy and excitement coming back already.  As crazy as it is, I'm already thinking about next year and what I want to accomplish.  A 70.3 is def on the docket, and not sure what else.  Rev3 Cedar Point seems to be the logical choice, so I am keeping that down as my "must do" race for next year.

One of the things that has helped my energy level come back is that I am helping other people.  I am really enjoying teaching my spin class.  It is great to look up and see all those faces hanging down staring at the floor. Who know I would get such pleasure out of making people sweat like that?  (don't get all dirty on me!) I've also been running with a friend who is doing a C25K program and have organized a ladies' swimming group at the local pool.

It's made me feel more confident about my progress over the past year while also providing an amazing outlet to spread my love for triathlon and training.  I once read a quote that said something about "the things we most want in life are accomplished by giving them to others" - and damn if I am not finding that to be very true :-)


Big Daddy Diesel said...

You thinking about coaching?

M said...

I have thought about personal training, etc - would just take some additional schooling, etc to get there. It has been sitting in my mind a bit though!

Matthew Smith said...

Nice work on helping others get motivated. It sounds like it's working on you too! Way to go! That 70.3 will be a whole lot of fun doing and training for next year.