What's my label?

In the past couple of weeks, I have struggled a bit with my identity.  Sure, I know my name and who I am, but without triathlon officially in my life at the moment, I honestly feel a bit lost.  I had no idea how wrapped up in "the label" I had become.

I was chatting with a friend on Facebook this afternoon.  He lives in Cape Town, South Africa, and I hadn't talked to him in almost three years.  He asked how I was and what I was up to.  I mentioned I had moved to Ohio a few years ago and that for fun I raced tris.  His response?  "Yeah, I know!  It's all over facebook!"  Oops - am I one of "those people"?  I guess so.

I did get convinced to sign up for the Emerald City Quarter Marathon.  I ran this race last year and finished in in 1:03:50 - a 9:50 pace for the race (6.55 miles).  This year, I'm shooting for sub one hour.  That's actually a tall order due to the fact I haven't run much at all in the past few weeks.  I had a great run this past Sunday - only four miles - but it felt great to get out there and push it. The problem is, I haven't run more than five miles since the Giant Eagle Tri a few weeks ago.  Luckily, the Ohio weather has started to cool off already, and those runs at 9am are almost on the chilly side.  While I am not ready for fall at all, not facing heat exhaustion for a fast run is a great thing.

I am running the race as the member of a team, too, which should be fun.  My amazing run club buddy Koritha has started a branch of Black Girls Run in Columbus.  She has increasingly been getting a bigger turnout at the group runs, and she managed to convince a few ladies to sign up for this race.  Koritha herself is getting ready for her first ever half in Chicago in a few weeks.  When I mentioned I may do this race, she asked me to join their team.  So despite obvious differences, I will be the solo white lady on the Columbus Black Girls Run team. Yay!  The race has free bloody marys afterwards.  Rock on.

That's about it here for now.  Just kind of doing my thing - a kickboxing class here and there, some Zumba, some runs, and even a few bike rides.  Just kind of doing whatever.  Which I guess is fine for now.  I'm just kind of wondering what I'll decide to do next.

PS - I've read several recaps of the nuun Hood to Coast experience - dammit I am sorry I missed out on that. nuun people - please reach out to your alternates next year.  PLEASE!


Christi said...

Free bloody marys!!! OMG I need to do that race. Have a great time!

Matthew Smith said...

I hear ya on the identity crisis. I'm floundering a bit myself. I think with a couple events on the schedule, whatever they are, will help us both get back in action and on tray. That quarter marathon sounds awesome!

Colleen said...

We'll be at the race. Hubby is running the half and I was hoping too, but I'll probably end up walking or cheering! :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

SO what are your off season goals?