What I Hate About the Mall

Now that I am somewhat off the super training wagon, I have a bit more free time. So where did I go? The mall of course. I haven't spent much time at the mall in recent months for a variety of reasons. Yesterday's afternoon jaunt around Easton Town Center was a vivid reminder of all the things I despise about the mall. Here's a brief list based on events yesterday.

1) What is the deal with two 300lb+ women feeling the need to stop in the narrowest of walkways to have a long chat with each other while devouring a cheese covered pretzel with literally hundreds of people trying to squeeze around either side of them? I don't think they actually noticed that anyone else was there.

2) Why is that young man walking around grabbing his crotch (and not letting go) while wearing pants that are obviously 4 sizes too big?

3) If you're 12 years old, do you really need to be buying thongs at Victoria's Secret? REALLY?

4) If you're 45 years old, do you really need to be buying clothes at "Forever 21"??

5) $45 for a T-shirt? A T-SHIRT? I get a "free" t-shirt at every race I compete in for only about $5-10 more.


Heather-O said...

I HATE THE MALL!!! My favorite is seeing moms who are dressed way too young for their age and little girls who are dressed way to old for their age. There really should be an age limit on Forever 21 (in both directions).

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I HATE THE MALL TOO!!! I live a mile from Polaris and the traffic alone drives me nuts!!! I hate Easton even more!!! You are a brave soul for going to one.

Matty O said...

What are these strange things you speak of... a mall? They sound evil haha.

I hate crowds. Avoid them like the plague... plus people are pretty much a-holes and have no respect for anyone else anymore, all malls do is put me in bad moods!

Christi said...

I am on the hate the mall band wagon! I can't stand it!

Matthew Smith said...

I'm with you on all those points. I'm not a big mall fan at all. Luckily, I married a girl that isn't too crazy about them either.