Good luck to everyone racing Ironman Louisville this weekend!! I know several COTT members are racing, and my awesome spin/cycle instructor Mike is competing, too. I'll be sending awesome vibes to you all!!

Also, good vibes are going out to the nuun HTC bloggers. As you probably recall, I tried to secure a spot on the team and managed to get selected as an alternate. They obviously don't need my running talents, as I never heard from nuun again after the team announcement came out. Le sigh. Anyway, best of luck to the ladies, and I hope the experience is awesome for you. On the other hand, I am beyond bummed that I never heard from nuun - I was excited about being part of the process in some way. Oh wells.

Have great weekends, all - I plan on running Sunday, so here's hoping I stick to that plan :-)

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Big Daddy Diesel said...

I am sure the relay would have been fun, intersting observation, day one, every one on the relay was tweeting about it, day 2 no one was, makes you wonder what happened.