So much to read, so little time

hey, all! I am back from vacay and have a LOT of blog reading to do. I will catch up, I promise! BUT - I think I'm going to do a blog roll purge here pretty soon. I noticed today that there are blogs I really look forward to reading, blogs I half ass read, and blogs that I almost completely skip over.

Tracy did a great post today about problems with some blogs, and I am feelin her vibe. I struggle to not comment on the incessant pictures of every meal eaten, the daily weigh-ins which often make women feel very mad about themselves, or ridiculously detailed posts about technical gadgets which I will never be able to afford. I either skip over the posts or toil emotionally about responding or not responding to posts that drive me bonkers.

My time is valuable, and I need to be a bit more careful in where my procrastinating takes me. I need to be more diligent in my work and my training, and I'm starting to realize that the massive blog roll I've accumulated may sometimes be a bit more toxic than helpful. We'll see if I actually manage to pull off this purge. It's like my damn facebook friends list - I seem to find a way to rationalize every person I have on there even though I know damn well that my real true life friends are about 30% of my list.

Anyway, a vacay recap will be coming soon - with some pics, and some stories of cool runs. But first I have to get back to work - and read a few blogs :p



TheKate said...

I struggle with cleaning out my blog roll too. So I created a folder "unfollowish" or something like that and when I recognize that I am not reading the posts or I just mark them read or if someone annoys me with their expensive tastes, I just move the blog to that folder. It saves me from the whole "should I unfollow or not" sort of conversation. And on a really bad day, when I have run out of reading and I need just 5 more minutes of something, I might do a speed scroll through that folder.

I cannot believe I just spent so much time describing my own enabling of indecision...

T said...


I just went through and purged a few blogs myself (just from my reader - my blog roll is actually pretty small! I should probably do something about that...). I realized that SO MUCH of my day is taken up by these blogs that I just don't find interesting.

Don't worry, you're still on there of course :)

Matthew Smith said...

I just deleted somebody's blog off my list before I read yours! By the way, I read every word of your post, and I like reading your blog.

You're going to rock your first Oly! They are my favorite!!! Good luck.

Colleen said...

:) I get it... I've purged before too. And if you purge mind, I understand - obviously just wasn't something you were interested in! hehe

You doing Giant Eagle this weekend? If so (and if not) good luck! Remember to have fun!!!

Christi said...

Have a great race! I look forward to hearing about how well you did. I am sure you will kill it!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

YOur first paragraph is the truth, dont forget the split numbers, I dont care to read your splits, I wont remember them

3 sleeps left

M said...

Well, out of everyone that posted here - I love your blogs :-) Some of them just make me sad or feel bad about the state of the world. I need to ditch those.

And EEEEEEE! Three more sleeps, BDD!!!!

Heather-O said...

I hear ya on the blog overload, but I have to remind myself that alot of people (including me) use blogging as a daily journal for themselves to help stay on task and accountable for their training. While they typically have less entertainment value they are really helpful when you need to look back and determine what has been helpful in the past training wise, and what foods sit well in the stomach on race day, etc. Speaking of racing....GOOD LUCK in you first OLY! I'm sure you will rock it!

Ms. Duffy said...

I'm an indiscriminate follower, but I think I'm equally quick to purge. But dude - I can't even remember half the blogs I follow! So out of control!!!

Now, back to you and how you're going to kick so much ass in this race.... (!!!!)