SWEEEEEEEEET. Vacation could not get here at a better time. In fact, the hubs and I haven't had a purely "fun" vacation in quite sometime. I'm hitting a bit of a training slump (which I think a very astute reader pointed out may be due to the crap hott weather we're having), so a change of scenery and that refreshing feeling that comes from seeing old friends should help pump me back up.

Tomorrow morning, the husband and I are off to Toronto! We spent a few days in city a couple years ago (as detailed in this post), and I am looking forward to returning. Before we hit the 'Ronto though, we'll be spending a night in Niagara Falls (the Canada side) gambling the night away at the casinos. In reality, we'll probably "gamble a half hour away" and just end up finding fun places to get drinks :p I would also LOVE to finally do the Maid of the Mist, but not sure if we will venture out to do that or not. I am also kind of hoping I can get up early on Friday morning and do a run in the park near the falls. Now that should be some sweet scenery on a run, right??

Friday we will head off to Toronto to see our good friends S & M. Ha ha. S&M. Hadn't thought about that before. We'll be hanging with them for the weekend then heading back the direction of home on Monday. Right now we're planning on a stop somewhere near Lake Huron, but we've made no reservations or real set plans. We're going to be "spontaneous" and see what we can figure out when we get out there. We'll head back home on Tuesday.

The worst part about this whole trip will be leaving the puppy dog behind. We've never left her before, and we're already getting a bit weepy about that. So silly. But we have a wonderful house/pet sitter who I am sure will spoil our fur kids royally. Yes, it will all be fine.

In a more tri related note, I volunteered at the Greenswell Triathlon on Sunday in Columbus. i passed out water in transition - which was actually kind of fun. I've never seen what the front of a race looks like! ha! With that being said, some observations:

1) I am amazed at how many people sit down on the ground in transition. I'd never though about it before. But the truth is, I usually am quite wobbly trying to get my shoes on, etc, so maybe I should try it sometime? i dunno.

2) Do people not know that headphones are against regulation in a USAT sanctioned race? SO many people grabbed ipods for the run. You aren't supposed to be able to do that!!! What the hell??

3) The swim is an equalizer. People who often finish the swim at the very front of the pack often don't look like the most fit people in the race - the people at the back of the pack very often look like some of the more fit people there. The middle of the pack includes people of every shape, size, color and age. I was just amazed at how the whole thing went order wise.

4) I also realized that when I am in the water and feel like I have been there forever, it truly is forever. It seemed like it took so long for the first folks to come out of the water on the start. Glad to realize it just isn't me feeling like that! ha!

5) Triathletes are such neat and clean people. At a running race, any area near a trash can looks like a total slob has been by - cups are anywhere except in the trash can. At this race, people actually turned around to pick their cup up if it fell on the ground when they tossed it towards the trash can. It was lovely!

Okay folks, i need to get through my work day. And off to vacation.

P.S. It's also T-minus 11 days to my first Olympic length race!!! EEEEEEEEEEK!
P.P.S. It is making me super sad to see all the Team Nuun "Hood to Coast" ladies post about all their awesome plans. Close, but no cigar for me. le sigh. As fate would have it though, one team will be wearing skirts for the race. Goodness forbid someone have to drop out, I am sure the karmic gods will put me on THAT team :-) (in which case I will sport the skirt - HTC far outweighs by feelings on skirts and running!)


Christi said...

Have a great vacation! I am headed to Pittsburg this weekend to hang out with my hubbys family and friends. I am excited!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Have fun!!!

Christy said...

The last race I did there was a guy that had his headphones on during the bike portion and then a few people on the run course. They all got DQ!

Have fun on vacation!!!

T said...

I've heard that about the general cleanliness. I have to say, I'm sick to death of road races and the slovenliness. People don't even care - it's like they don't even realize there ARE garbage cans around! Just throwing cups anywhere, never mind the volunteers who have to pick them up.

But have a great vacation! Enjoy it!

Ms. Duffy said...

Yay vacation! Have a great time... and your first Olympic, woo hoo! Can't wait!

RunKateRun said...

I plop on the ground. I hadn't even thought about it. I'm too clumsy to attempt to put shoes on while standing up. Or take off a wetsuit. Not to mention putting on the calf sleeves! Matter of fact, huz took an awesome pic of me at Tri for Joe, sitting on my ass with a gel hanging out of my mouth.

Colleen said...

Hope you had a great time on vacation.

As for the headphones... the race direct actually emailed all of us and said that since the course was a closed course, they were allowed. :) It's not a normal thing by any means. Just thought that I'd let you know that all of those people were not breaking the rules... of this race at least! :)