A mish mash

First - big news. I have a new jobby job. Yup. I sure do! And guess what? It is so close to my house I can walk or bike there. I never thought that would be possible living out in rural Ohio. But it IS possible, and I start living the dream next week. More details soon.

Second - for my "mom" readers - go check out my buddy D's blog about the pressures around training and parenthood. I totally understand her POV, but it's also hard to give a full on reaction to it when I don't have the same pressures. I am sure she would really love some blogger/mom/athlete support!!!

Third, Jason over at "Cook, Train, Eat, Race" posted a fantastic poem today. Jason, I hope you don't mind me sharing it:

It’s A Lonely Road…..

by Jason Bahamundi

It’s a lonely road filled with detours and pessimists to derail your progress

It’s a lonely road at 4am running by the light of the moon on your own

It’s a lonely road when all you can see is your breathe and hear the crunch of gravel under your feet

It’s a lonely road of sacrifice and humility

It’s a lonely road of doubt and guilt

It’s a lonely road…..

It’s a lonely road until race evening when it’s you and the butterflies

It’s a lonely road until race morning when it’s you and your goals

It’s a lonely road until the start gun goes off and the adrenaline rushes in

It’s a lonely road until the finish line is in sight

It’s a lonely road until you look back and realize you had all you ever needed with you every step of the way

It’s a lonely road…..


T said...

Wait - I thought you just started a new job very recently! But congratulations! Walking to work just in time for gas prices to creep up near $4/gallon... lucky girl!

M said...

Yeah, I kind of did start a job about six months ago. But driving 35 miles each way just can't compete with the $4/gallon gas and having the opportunity to walk to work! So I switched :-)

Ms Mae said...

CONGRATS!!! I didn't realize until your post that I may be able to do the same at a job I applied for. I mapquested it and it is only 3 miles from my house and the daycare is on the way....look out bike and bike stroller here I come....if I get it, lol.

Enjoy the new job!

Kovas said...

Congrats on the new job - always fun/scary!

Christi said...

Congrats on the new job! I hope you love it.

I love the poem!

Matthew Smith said...

I'm your newest follower! That poem was awesome and really speaks for a lot of us out there training. Good luck on your tri this Sunday! I'll be thinking about you as I train too.


M said...

Hi, Matt!! Welcome, and thanks so much for reading!

Jason said...

No worries on posting. Feel free to post anything you would like.

Congrats on your new job and we are virtually high-fiving as I got one myself but unfortunately I will be burning fossil fuels b/c it is not that close to my house (better yet it is not close at all.)