Must. Go. Run.

It is Thursday, and I haven't run even a mile since Sunday. I did that 6 mile run on the dreadmill Sunday, and I think it killed my will to run. I have managed to hit the pool twice this week, but I didn't get to go to Tuesday or Thursday spin, and as we speak I am still in ratty clothes from cleaning house all day. I know I *should* go on a run, but it is gross and rainy outside and it's supposed to start snowing this evening. Wah wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I just heard the dryer stop. I'll go fold some clothes and continuing avoiding running.

And did I mention I have an indoor tri on Sunday?? I am actually quite pumped.

Since I have a race in three days, can I just claim I am "tapering"?? :p


Christi said...

Go with the 'taper' idea!

Good luck with your tri this weekend!

Ms Mae said...

LOL. I like the taper idea as well.

Have fun with your tri!

Matthew Smith said...

Taper away! Plus, it sucks to run in the rain/snow. Good luck on your tri this weekend!

Kristin said...

Good luck with your tri!! You will do great!