A week of frustration...and ice

It's been cold. We didn't get snowmageddon like my friends in Chicago, but we did get ice. Which meant Tuesday and Wednesday working from home. In theory that sounds appealing, right? Working in the PJs, half working, half looking out the window at winter wonderland? That's not totally how it went down.

I actually had 6 web calls on Tuesday, so I got ready for work like normal, got dressed like normal (from the waist up) and looked very professional on camera. Below the waist I was wearing my PJ pants and fuzzy slippers. That part DID rock. But there is some sort of weird issue I have with working from home. I'm still new in my job - only a little over three months - so I am not quite secure with what I do on a daily basis. Yes, I accomplish most of what I am supposed to accomplish, but like any newer relationship managing expectations is sometimes a struggle. I feel absolutely tied to the computer. I'm afraid that if I miss an IM or a phone call that they'll assume I am sound asleep in the guest room next to the office. Is that what they will think? Probably not. But in my mind, that's how I see it. Therefore, I actually find the home days a tad more stressful than in the office days - if that makes awkward sense.

I've also made a variety of stupid little errors in the past week or so (which is, of course, going to happen with any newer employee), but that has shaken my confidence too.

ANYWAY - with two days working at home stuck inside due to ice, I got a bit on edge. I also missed workouts on Monday and Tuesday due to not being able to get the gym prior to another commitment on Monday evening and ice on Tuesday. But I did manage to get to a treadmill at lunch on Wednesday (when I was worrying I was missing important communications from the bosses - ugh). I got in a decent treadmill run, but I just hate the dreadmill no matter what. Ick.
Last night I wandered over to the Columbus Athletic Club for a multi sport expo. It was pretty small, but I got to talk to some folks from the Central Ohio Tri Club and I picked up some free samples. It took me about 20 minutes to go through the whole thing, but I did go. After the expo, I wandered to the pool.

Swimming is so hard. I cannot do more than 2 laps (one length down, one length back) without feeling like my heart is about to come out of my chest. I know there is something obviously wrong with my form, but it's hard to justify yet another cost in this whole triathlon experience. Would swim lessons help? Probably. But add that into race fees, gear, and then the life expenses I have coming up in the next 6-9 months, and it is REALLY difficult to justify $20-$80 per lesson (that's the range I have seen). Even group classes at the gym are somewhere around $80+ per month.

I'm afraid that if I keep doing what I am doing (which is ineffective), I am going to create some very bad habits. But I am also very hesitant to ask for yet another chunk out of our family budget to fuel my "habit."

What to trim, I don't know. I'm just ranting here - thinking out loud. The hubs has been more than supportive in all my endeavors. But it does hit some point where you stop and say "how much more do you have to spend?" right?

Today's Friday. Normally a rest day. But not this week. Going to hit the treadmill and try to get in some strength work to make up for the lost days this week. And that will be the end of week 2................................


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I went to that expo last year, like you, took me twenty mins to get through it.

COTT, well, isnt very organized, that just my opinion, the discounts that come with the membership will pay for that cost

I say take 1 swim lesson, money well spent

M said...

BDD, That's kind of what I was thinking. Maybe one lesson to give me a laundry list of things that i know to work on. Each workout I work on one or two. Maybe a lesson a month and keep the cost down a bit.

And yeah, I was mainly interested in COTT for the OWS - they take place just down from my office! The discounts seem awesome too.

Christi said...

I am with BDD, go try one lesson and if it is available at your gym try a Masters swim. That has helped me immensly!