Tuesday Trinkets

1) Damn it's chilly outside. I talked to my boss this morning, and evidently Columbus proper hasn't been getting much snow. Well, here in the country it's been snowing nonstop for two days. I got to shovel the driveway for the first time this season. Time to rethink buying a snowblower.

2) In the past 4-5 months, I have managed to drop about 9-12 pounds (depends on the time of day!). This makes me happy! It makes me happy not because I just wanted to drop weight for the hell of it, but because it means I am eating better and my workout routine is really working. I know the weight loss has significantly assisted in my run times getting faster, too. I know I have mentioned this before, but I needed to restate it because of #3 on this list.

3) Because of #2 above, my boobs are shrinking. No other way to put it. Yes, I am thrilled to have dropped some poundage, but my boobs are going bye bye. And it's not like I was working with a lot of boobage to begin with. Hrm.

4) I skipped spin this morning because I did not want to get up at 4:30am and shovel the driveway.

5) I will not be skipping spin on Thursday. 4:30am or bust, baby.

That's all for now :-) Happy Tuesday!

Last minute addition: The end of the year means retrospectives on everything, right? i love this new summary app on Facebook. It selects random statuses to give you a collage of the year. I am pleased that so many entries are regarding running!!! ha!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

We only got an inch yesterday morning, nothing like the stupid weatherman said we would, I even left my race day early to "beat this storm" that never came

Quinton J said...

Congrats on the healthy pay-offs...shame about he boobs though.

Ms. Duffy said...

No snow here yet - just balls ass cold :)

Don't worry bout the boobage, that's what pushup bras are for!

James said...

Congrats on the weight loss, even if it's in a "particular area". Do you have a link to that facebook app?

M said...

James - Try this link: http://apps.facebook.com/my-year-in-status/

And thanks for all the sentiments re: boob loss. But Ms. Duffy, you are right. That's why Victoria's Secret is a successful business!!!

speedvegan.com said...

Congrats on the weight loss !

Can't blame you for #4 and #5 makes you a rock star in my book.

Laura said...

Seriously not cool when the weightloss is in the boob department!