Winter Time

Snow. It signals the real arrival of winter. It is here. To stay. Forever. Not really, but to a Southern girl like me, more than a day or two of snowy mess can feel like forever. Oddly enough though, snow is starting to make me think of something different - half marathon training. Ohio's winter last year was a rough one, and from January to May I was training for the Capital City Half Marathon. The last bit of snow didn't melt until about two weeks prior to race day. So today when I walked the dog down the snowy street, I thought "About time to start training again!" ha! But it's a true statement. Indy training will start in about 4 weeks!

With that being said, winter cross training is going well. We had a killer treadmill workout for run club last Wednesday, and we had a brisk but beautiful trail run of 5.8 miles on Sunday morning. Spin class is still in full effect, and I am really considering attending both the Tuesday and Thursday performance cycle classes each week. I work from home on Thursdays, but I would be willing to get up at 5 and drive in the 20 minutes to do the class on my day at home. We'll see. I am also making Friday my "swim day". I have to get in the pool more often. I was in the water for about 30 minutes the other day and only managed to get in about 17 laps. Yeah, not good. The swim needs some serious help! And I know that most of that means just building up endurance.

I'm also hoping that we start seeing some ads for some indoor tris soon!! There is an indoor tri scheduled at my gym next year, but it's in May! I want February mo-fos!!!

That's about it for now! Happy snow days :-)


T said...

We have no snow here! I'm so jealous!
Right now I am, anyway. Ask me again in February and I will deny leaving this comment.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

T, you can have all of our snow!!! I wont complain.

It was snowing pretty good on my way to work, I wonder if it stopped yet. I hope we dont have another winter like last year.

Ms. Duffy said...

It was flurrying all day and I was looking longingly at it out my window. It's so easy to forget that after one day of NYC snow it's a horrible black slushy puddle, not the winter wonderscape from the first couple of hours. Feh!

Kristin said...

omg! we are getting pounded with snow right now!!