Throwback Thursday

1993. I was 15 here. And super skinny. But I ate like a horse. I danced every Friday and Saturday night at dance halls across the Gulf Coast of Texas (though mainly in East Bernard, TX!) - the two step, the jitterbug, and even line dancing. My friends and I would show up as the doors opened (8 or 9) and stay until the last minute we could leave before missing curfew (usually midnight or after). I am sure those shorts wouldn't even fit onto one leg nowadays. But I am sure I could still rock the Texas hair :-)

(Thanks, Q, for the idea of the Throwback post :-) )

PS - I did get up when the alarm rang out at 4:45am. Back in the spin saddle, yo.


Aimee said...

I like Throwback Thursday posts too! Those shorts are awesome! I remember my sister wearing something very similar to that! Ha ha!

Quinton J said...

Gorgeous Smile.

Quinton J said...

And BIG-UP! for that morning run yo!