Fastest Race Ever

Yes, I ran the whole thing in antlers.

Let me share with you the stats from this weekend's Reindeer Run:


Michelle Newman Brady




37 0-99




You see that pace? 7:04 per mile. 7:04.

When I crossed the finish line, the clock read 21:50. It was then I knew something was wrong. Very wrong. Were we running in an alternate universe? Nope.

They had altered the course due to ice. Instead of one large loop, we would be doing two loops of a shorter route. Somewhere along the way, they dropped about .7 miles from the course.

Therefore the Reindeer Run 5K went to a Reindeer Run 2.4 miler. But hey, if you google my name, see the results online, and never read this story, you just may think I ran a 7:04 pace in a 5K. Fine by me.

In reality, I had a 9:04 pace. Which actually had me on track to possibly beat my Turkey Trot 5K PR. I'm a tad peeved about the last minute mess up on the course, but I ran the race with my bestest buddy. My Georgia Peach got a chance to run in the Ohio winter. WELCOME to Ohio, beeeetches :p We froze, and it was fun! Until Indy, my dear!!!!!!!


T said...

I'll admit - I read this and when I saw the 7:xx pace, I was like, "Holy #$!@%!, I'm doing WHATEVER she says I should when it comes to training. That's insane. Wow. Wow." I'm still impressed with the 9:04, though. Great job!

M said...

Thanks, T :-) It was so funny though - as soon as I saw the clock I was like "MAN! I know that isn't right, but damn i wish it was!" Oh well :-)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Wow, you got fast, fast!!! Wasnt long ago you were talking about trying to go sub 10, nice work

speedvegan.com said...

Great job !!

Kristin said...

Hey those are only small details!! Nice race!

Ms. Duffy said...

Holy sub 9's on the horizon!