Throwback Thursday - The Christmas Edition

Going a bit off course this week. Here's your throwback photo, but this isn't me. It's my Mom.

Because hubs and I live in Ohio while my family resides in Texas (and his in Florida), it isn't always possible to get home for the holidays. Between me in a new job (and not having any vacation time), and the extraordinary cost for travel (plane tickets, hotel room, rental car, etc), hubs and I opted to stay home for Christmas this year. We haven't had a Christmas day in our home yet, so this will be lovely yet tinged with that feeling of homesickness that rears its head (especially around the holidays). It's hard for all of our parents, and it's hard for us too. Unfortunately, it's one of those rough adult things we just have to deal with.

In its stead, please dear Parents, know we love you and miss you. I'm sorry we can't be there, but in a way we are.

Sending our love from Ohio,



Amy said...

We love the Brady's and hope you have a wonderful holiday. We will definitely call to send you best wishes. Owen askes me often when he will get to see Uncle Mike and Aunt Michelle again.

Connie Vaughn said...

We will miss you too at he holidays but are so happy that you have a wonderful home to spend it in!! All our love and have a wonderful first Christmas in you new home!! We love you both!!