RIP Little Fish

A little over a year ago, not too long after we relocated to Ohio, I set up the aquarium I purchased in NC almost two years prior. It's a corner aquarium, pretty decent sized. I actually am not sure what the gallon count is on it. When I started the tank, I bought 5 or 6 platys and a cory cat to clean up the bottom. Fast forward over a year, and I have about 25 platys in total. I never bought any additional fish!

Sadly, this past week I lost one of the matriarchs of my little fish colony. I did not name her, nor do I name any of my fish, but she was a mama, and I was sad to see her go. She's one of my "frickin fish" (as I so lovingly refer to them), and she will be missed. So to you, frickin fish, I bid you adieu, and I hope you find peace and happiness.

I have lost a few fish in this year long journey, but none that will be as fondly remembered as she.

*The photo here is not my frickin fish, but a nice representation of the lost soul.

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