Woot. Guess what I had sitting on my doorstep last Friday? My first ever pair of cycling shoes. Thanks to an amazing AMAZING deal on bonktown.com, I snagged a pair of Shimano SH-WR40 cycling shoes for the low low price of just over $40. Which meant that I no longer had to be one of the folks in spin class who had to get a bike with cages on the pedals! I can actually clip in!!!

Now let's go back a few steps - I did mention this is my first ever pair of cycling shoes, right? Okay, just wanted to make sure that was out there. With that clear, I was a bit nervous the day before my first spin class with my snazzy new shoes. Thanks to the awesome folks at Roll, I got my cleats installed on Sunday afternoon, so my shoes were all ready to go come 6am on Tuesday morning for class.

A ball of nerves, I read online (several times) about how I clip in and clip out. I was all ready. I knew what to do, and I was ready to spin spin spin in my snazzy new shoes. I get to class with about 5 minutes before start time. I select a bike, roll it into position, ditch my flip flops and put on my socks and my new shoes. Okay, here we go. I put my right foot above the pedal, dip my foot forward, push down and TA DA! In. Wow. That was easy. Now for the left foot - repeat the process, right? Dip my foot, push down, nothing. Hm. I try again. And again. Evidently I tried a lot because by this time, class had started. I was still not clipped in. All of a sudden, I look up and there's the instructor. "What's the deal?" he asked. I CANNOT FREAKING GET THIS TO CLIP IN. He takes my shoe (it's off my foot at this point) and he tries to clip it in. No go for him either. Turns out it's the bike.

::le sigh::

I had no idea if it was me or a crappy bike - I don't know how easy or difficult this whole process is to be. It was the latter. Snagged a new bike, then TA DA - clipped in within 15 seconds.

At least the newbie first timer drama was over.

I love the shoes. I can now actually focus on pulling up - which is a much different feeling. I figure that a winter of the spin bike will get me all accustomed to the whole clipping procedure so I may be ready to move up to a fancier bike come spring! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Baby steps, right???

(and as for the blog post title, around our house we call the Shimano brand "SHIMI-NOW!" in full rock star type style)


Kristin said...

Yay!! You will love using cycling shoes!! So much difference!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

The good thing about learning how to clip in and out on a spin bike is when you get clip pedals for your regular bike, you will alreadyknow how to clip in and out.

Ms. Duffy said...


liz said...

Nice ! Enjoy them !