2011 Race Schedule Planning

It's that time, isn't it? Time to plan the races. Strategize for winter training, etc. Here's what I am thinking:

January - Start Half Marathon training for Indy. I said I would do the FIRST program, but I am wondering how that will work with snow on the ground. The track won't be really accessible, and I don't plan on buying a $200 Garmin Forerunner to help me chart my distance and time. Can you manage the FIRST program on a treadmill? Otherwise, I'll go back to Hal Higdon - but I think I would jump up to Intermediate this time.

February - Continue half training. Do an indoor tri at Lifetime or a Y. Haven't found any dates for these yet, but they'll be local.

March - Keep training for the half and for tri season.

April - see above. I'd also like to do the Hoover Hustle 10K again on April 17. I'd love to get sub 60 minutes on that one this year. (One possible change-up. My good buddy D is toying with the idea of running her first half this year. I just threw down the gauntlet if she wants to do it. If she does, I'll be doing a half in Lawrence, KS on April 17)

May - Indy on May 7, then full on into tri training. Possibly the "Tri for Joe" as well, for I have heard great things about this race.

June - Warrior Dash on June 4. Then start the Tri season. I am contemplating doing the full Wheelie Fun Series. I've never done a series before, and this may be kind of cool.

July - Wheelie Fun continues.

August - My overall goal for this summer is to do at least one Olympic Length tri. Ohio peeps, any good suggestions? I will be traveling up to Minneapolis to compete in the YWCA's Women's Triathlon mid month. I'll be racing with several buddies, and that will be AWESOME - especially because it just may be their first tri ever :-)

With all this being said, there is one caveat.

I am 32 years old. I will turn 33 in June. I have been married over two years, and I have medical insurance. The hubs and I would like to have a kid. We aren't watching the calendar like hawks or anything, but if it happens, that would be great. And that could de-rail this entire plan. It's weird - I am torn. I want to have a kid, but I want to tri too. Dilemmas. Any racing moms out there with similar dilemmas?

The other issue is that I just HAVE to get a better bike for the 2011 season. The hybrid just won't cut it. I'm hoping that people start cleaning their garages out over the winter and sell off their retired tri bikes for $50. We'll see.


Ms. Duffy said...

Amen to the garages filled with fifty dollar tri bikes! And look at Paula, Kara, and Deena (sorry, Icouldn't think of any famous triathlete moms, just marathoners) - babies and athletics definitely mix! You'll just be the jogging-stroller mom.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

You will love Tri for Joe, its just a fun race, real low key, I even got to meet Joe this race, cute little guy.

Wheelie fun is fun, it is cheaper, that why I did it. Sucks that the closest race is Deer Creek, so expect to drive about 90-120 minutes to the races, 3 up north, 3 down south.

If you dont do the series, I highly recommend the Vermillion race for your Oly, its is fun, the trail leading into the transition is lined up with people, its a real cool feeling

BTW I am doing the Warrior Dash as well