"WTF" Wednesday

I'm adjusting to my new job and my new hours. Or attempting to adjust. It's not really a normal eight hours a day anymore. Dealing with a 3 hour time delay to reach one of your main contacts throws things out of whack a bit. But I'll figure it out.

In the meantime, I am a bit saucy. Last night I worked until 9pm. While that may be standard operating procedure for many of you, it is definitely not for me. I've always been a 9-5 gal, and 9pm doesn't make me a happy camper. I'm a project manager for a reason - I keep things in line so I can keep the schedule I want. Make sense? Anyway, due to my late night work session, I'm a bit surly today. And there are a few things that make me say WTF?

1) That "Who Made You King of Anything" song. I despise this song. And mainly for this verse:

All my life I've tried
To make everybody happy while I just hurt and hide
Waiting for someone to tell me it's my turn to decide.

Really? Do you want martyrdom for not standing up for yourself? This is at the bottom of the totem pole when ranking songs for woman power. To live your whole life for other people and wait for THEM to tell you it's time to think about yourself? You missed the boat, sister. (And I know that makes me sound like an asshole. But when women (or ANYONE) want an award for being unhappy because they were just trying to please everyone, they get little sympathy from me. You are a woman, you are valuable, and stand up for yourself dammit. Your life and your happiness are vital and important.) How will you succeed at making others happy if you have no idea what it is yourself? This song absolutely infuriates me every time it comes on. Maybe I have missed the point of the song????

2) The wiggle worm at Spin Class. No, everyone doesn't have super awesome bike form when at spin class. But yesterday morning I accidentally sat next to the most wiggly woman I have ever seen in class. I thought she may actually fall over at some point with her level of wiggles. Way over to the right, way over to the left. Geez. Gain some control of yourself!!!

3) Pets. I love my pets. But why on earth does it summon all four of them anytime I sit in a chair at the desk? It's like an alarm goes off and all three cats and the dog say "WE MUST STOP HER!" and attack me from all angles possible. Across the keyboard, in front of the monitor, jumping on my lap. EGADS, PETS, LET ME WORK!

Three is enough things to bitch about today. I try to limit bitching about life in general, as I know I'm a lucky gal. But the surly got a hold of me today. Tomorrow I'll be chipper, I promise.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Spin class follies can be a post within itself. I go to Spin in the winter and people watch, its amazing what you will see, you KNOW that not everyone is following the class, spin WAY too fast when they should be climbing, its funny.

Julie (ROJ) said...

I was thinking about what you said about the song and I have a different look on it. Wanted to share. I take that part to be like a PSA, she's saying "this is how I used to be, and it was no way to go through life". She used to be the quiet one waiting for her turn and not putting her needs first, but now she walks around saying "who made you king of anything...I can make my own choices and have my own ideas...and if you don't like it...tough" so I think it's very empowering because she's pointing out that she wasn't always like that and it gives girls/women hope that they too can become stronger if they feel they currently are not. Sorry for the long comment. ( ;

M said...

Julie, I had not seen it that way! That is a much better view of it. If she indeed used to be like that and has now changed, I could be on board! Thanks for sharing your perspective!