Kitty in recovery

i am happy to report that the buddy cat is in recovery. to make you all go awwwwwwww, here's pictures of his wounds. and don't worry, i didn't take penile catheter pics :p
he has two bald spots, as illustrated above. A shaved arm and a partially shaved neck. He's on meds for the next week and a special diet FOREVER. Ugh. how on earth do you separate three cats to eat? and because poor bud dude hates the medicated food, he is losing weight. he looks all skinny :-(

but in better news, i wore my skinny jeans in public last night :-)


D said...

I love how he's totally giving you "Blue Steel." :)

liz said...

Poor Kitty. I hope he'll start to like the food soon !

Kristin said...

Awww..poor Kitty!! You needed to take pics of the skinny jeans!