Yes, I am still alive.

Hello, all! Wow. The new job is intense. I'm not sure if I have just never really "worked" before, or if this is "new job syndrome" where I am just way stressed about everything and working long hours to get it all right. Either way, it has me working major hours and using my brain a bit more than I have in the past few years. It's fulfilling, tiring and exhausting.

Therefore, my sincere apologies for falling off the map here lately. I don't have a ton to report on the training front. Doing spin twice a week, run club twice a week, a DVD one morning and a swim or rest days.

One thing I have realized is that getting up at 5 feels no different than 6 or 7. You just get up - you shake the sleepies off and start your day. Going to a 6am spin class then getting ready at the gym is no longer a chore. I have a nice little system, and it all works well. I enjoy it really. And boy do I sleep well at night.

I've also decided that I really love trail running. We've been hittiing all sorts of local trails with run club, and I have done a couple races. It's beautiful and challenging. Love it.

I am aching for some tri stuff though - I'm already scouring to see if i can locate some indoor tris this fall/winter. I know I saw some advertised last year, so where are they this year???

OK, back to work. I should hopefully have interesting stuff to report sometime soon. Maybe? I dunno. Off season is kind of boring :p


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Indoor tris

- life time fitness has 2-3
- OSU tri club has one
- Grady Indoor tri in Delaware
- Some YMCA have indoor tris, Ghanna I think was one

They are further into the winter, remind me later, around xmas and I can pass along anything I know for dates and locations

M said...

I'm a lifetime fitness member, so hopefully those will be easy to fit in! Sweet. i figured you would be an awesome source for where these happen! Thanks!!