I can barely believe it. I can wear them. Like, I can wear them out of the house. I can walk in them, and sit in them, and live in them. My skinny jeans. The ones that have set staring at me, folded on the closet shelf with the tags still attached for almost FOUR years. Last night I put them on, and they FIT.

Let's rewind to earlier in the day. We've been having some lovely Ohio weather - cool in the mornings with a high of the low 70s to high 60s. Sun shining, blue skies, light breeze - perfect setup for a lunchtime walk.

There is a Salvation Army thrift store about a quarter mile down the road, so I grabbed my purse and opted to take a walk and browse. As I wandered the store, I realized that sometime soon I am going to need some additional work clothes. I'm not quite prepared for a winter working wardrobe, and I am going to need several more items to make sure I can make it through four days a week in the office looking semi professional.

As I browsed the pants, I saw a pair of GAP pants - navy pin stripe - that still had the tags on them. But they were size 8. Hmmm. Not too far down was another pair of GAP pants. These were grey and looked ultra comfy. They, too, were size 8. Oh what the hell - I will try.

And I did. And THEY FIT. $7.34 later I was skipping my way back to work.

Fast forward to 6pm when I'm home from work and Betsy's vet appointment. I tell the hubs, "You won't believe this." I try on the new pants, and he is thrilled for me. Then he asks, "Have you tried THE JEANS?"

THE JEANS. Almost four years ago I purchased a pair of boot leg low rise Juicy Couture jeans in Chicago. I paid $78 - they were normally $178. I bought them a couple sizes too small to encourage myself to get in them. Surely i wouldn't "waste" a pair of $80 jeans. HA. Did I mention that until last night these jeans still had the tags on them?

I decided to take the challenge. Would they fit? I held them up, looked at them and wondered. This may not be a good idea. But I am trying anyway. So I put one foot in and pulled them up. Other foot in, pulled them up. The moment of truth - and they buttoned with no problem at all. They were comfortable. They fit like a glove, and damn it - I looked hot.

I could not believe it. Absolutely could not believe it. After all this time, it's finally FINALLY paying off. The skinny jeans fit.

To celebrate, I got up at 5am and made it to the 6am spin class. Let's see if we can make the skinny jeans....baggy.


Kovas Palubinskas said...

Congratulations, that is quite an achievement! And...you have a new pair of jeans to wear.

Kristin said...

awesome!!! what an awesome feeling when a good pair of jeans fit!!

chris mcpeake said...

Congrats. I remember going to skinny jeans. You got to love that.

liz said...

Congrats !