I don't actually have a ton to report. I'm happy with my new mixed up cross training routine. I am absolutely in love with spin class (performance cycle moreso than studio cycle), and I may start going twice a week. Looking back, I didn't really start to drop serious pounds (serious = 3) until I started attending these classes once a week. I've been watching my food intake more as well, but I haven't done full on dieting or anything at this point. Some of it has to be the high calorie burns at these classes. And I guess the run club workouts probably help with that too :-\

ANYWAY - I'm a happy camper. Run club on Wednesdays and Sundays - usually 4-5 miles at 9:30-9:50/mile. This means I am officially running sub-10 minutes miles even in practice, which is awesome. I never thought I would get there. Spin on Tuesday,Thursday or Friday. Then some random interval work through the week. I have totally slacked off on upper body, so I have to get back to that. My upper body strength is well........my weakness. Therefore, I shy away from it because it's hard. I have to recommit to lifting through the week.

In other news, Big Daddy Diesel is doing a "pay it forward" type giveaway, so go check it out on his blog HERE.

I'll get back to work, and you should too. Sorry today was uber boring! Off season just provides so much less to chat about.......

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Big Daddy Diesel said...

congrats on consistantly running sub 10