My DC Weekend

A very quick recap of my DC weekend - it was FANTASTIC. How I miss these ladies. Damn. Judy picked me up on Thursday night, and I stayed with her through Sunday morning. We had a spa day, went to the movies, went shopping, and we partied it up in both downtown Silver Spring and on U Street in DC (specifically Marvin's and Eatonville). Sunday Judy dropped me off to hang out with my good friend Esther in Ellicott City. We enjoyed lunch at a wonderful French bistro, explored the wonderful antique shops of old downtown Ellicott City and hung out at her home with her parents and super fun kiddos. Monday morning it was up at 5 to get ready and fly back to Columbus. The weekend was full of stories, laughs, drinks and sisterhood. Thanks so much, ladies, for hosting me. It was wonderful to reconnect. You are both so amazing and such an influence on me! LOVE YOU!!!!!

Esther, Judy and Me - ELP Reunited!!!!!

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T said...

Your friend looks like Tamara Tunie! And I would know - she lives in my neighborhood and I've seen her around, walking her dog. (I do think your friend looks like her, but I also like mentioning that I've talked to Tamara Tunie.)