Transition. It's a fitting term right now.

I'm transitioning from sick to well.
We're transitioning from summer to fall.
I'm transitioning from one job to another.
I'll be transitioning from one routine to another.

There's a theme. Yay. Not as cool as a rhyme, but whatever.

Sick to well - I still can't shake this cold, but I have to move on with my life. Cold, I'm sorry, but I just cannot continue to let you drag me down. I have no fever, I have no chills, so I am getting back up on the horse. I haven't worked out in 7 days now, and I feel sluggish because of that fact - not because of you, damned cold. Today I will join run club for what I hope to be a 3-4 mile run, but I'm guessing that could turn into 1-2 miles if this stupid congestion crap holds me back. I just need to MOVE.

Summer to fall - I'm guessing we only have a couple weeks left of running in shorts. Then it will be time to pull out the ol' warm up pants. I've missed my snug fitting running pants (they make my rear end look mighty cute), but damn does that cold weather make it tough to go out and face the pavement some days. Not really looking forward to that part of the seasonal switch. With my fancy new gym membership, I just may try and make friends with the treadmill this winter.

One job to another - The announcement has been made at work, the notice given. Daily I have folks tell me that I'm a traitor, that they're happy for me, or that they're mad at me for bailing. It's all in that good spirited nature, but still. I'm a pretty thin skinned person, so sometimes it makes me feel bad. I only worked here 6 months. But I did a lot in 6 months. And I worked with some cool people. It's odd to be wrapping up the projects I have grown over the past several months. But I will be glad to launch them and be done. The new job starts full time on October 18. It starts part time the week before. Scared and excited at the same time.

One routine to another - With the new job will come a new routine. While I can show up at my current job at 8:30, the new job requires an 8am presence. It also requires a drive that's about 6 miles longer. That doesn't sound like a big distance, but those 6 miles are on the loop and near downtown. Driving those 6 miles is like driving 15 on an open road. Therefore, my days are going to start a whole hell of a lot earlier. I am going to attempt a morning routine. Eek. Up at 4:45, walk the dog, head to the gym, workout, get ready AT the gym, drive to work and arrive by 8. I only have to pull this off four days a week, as I get to work at home one day a week. Surely I can do this, right? I read lots of blogs out there where folks get up at 4:30-5am every day to train. Shall I ever sign up to do an Ironman (HA!), I will already have a schedule which can sustain early morning workouts. Kidding. but really - this has to be some sort of character building, discipline type exercise, right??? AND I get to go home straight after work rather than stopping at the gym and postponing the end of my day to 7:30pm. This will be good. Or so I keep telling myself.

That's it for here folks. Any transitions for you here lately???

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Kovas Palubinskas said...

Morning workouts are the best. Done and you still have your whole day ahead of you. Plus, if you're up to it, you can get a second workout in after work. Win-win. Good luck with the new job!