The next month...

I have made the decision to NOT sign up for Trainer B's 2 month program to get me lean and mean. The cost, while not completely restrictive, is one I am just not willing to pay right now. I am going to see what I can do for myself that will get me in better shape. A real, concentrated plan - cardio, weights, the whole shebang. Luckily, my buddy D is also working out like a machine at the moment, so we both made a plan and will check in with each other daily to hold ourselves accountable. We put a one month plan in place. Mine looks like this (you should be able to click the image and see a larger version):

To clarify the routine:
Sunday/Wednesday: My run club days are just that - run club. My overall mileage goal is to run at least 10 miles a week. And that 10 mile a week goal is purely road/trail running. I know I will be using the treadmill in my cardio/strength intervals, but I am not adding that distance into my mileage. Honestly, it's just too much of a pain in the a$$ to keep count of distance of a bunch of 2 minute intervals. Therefore, I am trying to do two runs of 5 miles each per week. If I don't make that, I will do a short run on my Saturday "rest day" to get up to the 10 mile total.

Monday/Friday: These will be my cardio/strength interval days. I will be doing one of three things: 1) using some of the moves I learned from Trainer B to do weights and cardio intervals at the gym. My personal rule is that any of these sessions must be at least 30 minutes in length. I am going to try and push for an hour each time though. 2) I can do Jillian's 30 day shred, Level 2 or 3 at home before or after work. If I really want to push it, I can also combine 2 levels. 3) I may attend a strength & conditioning class at the gym. The purpose of these two days in the schedule is to use weights and resistance for strength training.

Tuesday/Thursday: These are my "tri-skills" days. Tuesday will be spin class, Thursday will be swimming.

So that's the plan for at least a month. After that, I'll re-evaluate.

Oh, and this coming Saturday is the Hocking Hills Indian Run! My first trail run! yay!


D said...

Woot! I'm excited about the challenge. Thanks for doing it with me. :)

Kristin (Triathlon Dreams) said...

Its all about finding a plan you can stick with and can see results with the availabilty to be versatile in that plan!