Thirty Things Thursday

KIDDING. I am not going to bore you with thirty random thoughts. Think of this as a meeting that lets out early - you think you are heading for 30 self-indulgent nuggets of information, but I let you go early with only X number of self-indulgent nuggets. Sound good? Good.

1) The new workout plan is going well so far. I have completed the first 4 days with no major issues - doesn't seem overwhelming at all.

2) I actually made it to a 6am spin class on Tuesday. Wow. It was "performance cycle" rather than "studio cycle." There were about twice as many people, and the ride seemed much more "real" than the evening class. I am going to make it a habit to attend that class every Tuesday.

3) Run club is really fantastic. I can't help but compliment A and how he runs the club. Literally. He has us meet in different places nearly every time, and I have found some beautiful places to run. Thanks to the variety of runners we have, it's really easy to either push yourself to try and "keep up" or it's a dinger when you know you "fell behind." I am doing both days a week of club workouts now, and I look forward to how they improve my performance in the future. Keeping with my goal of 10 miles per week of running, I have had no problem knocking that out in 2 days a week.

4) I may have some life changes coming soon - not ready to spill the beans yet, but there is some craziness afoot!

5) Regarding #4, it will only help my continued training - which is awesome.

6) We just may have adopted the most perfect dog in the world. She has taken to our home amazingly well. About 90% potty trained, completely snuggily and sweet, and she really pays no mind to the cats. And she doesn't eat the cat food either (well, snacks here and there, but that's it). We are thrilled to have her in our family unit!

7) My first trail run is Saturday! WEEEEEEE!

8) I may be coming down with a cold. BOOOOOO

9) This could possibly affect #7. BOOOOOOOOO

10) That's enough crap for one day.

How are all of you? Any great stories to share? I'm tired of listening to myself talk :-)

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