Finish Line Friday

A few updates to the race schedule. I ended up not running the Abercrombie & Fitch 5K Challenge, as there was a registration snafu. I ended up not actually being registered for the race, so I went home to see my new doggie rather than running the race. Totally fine with that.

BUT - what I did do yesterday was start planning for next year's race season!!! Guess what I signed up for? I am so PUMPED about this. This is a bucket list race for me. I am now officially registered to run the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini Marathon in Indianapolis on May 7, 2011. This is THE largest half marathon in the country - 35,000 runners. And here's the part that I am super psyched about - 2.5 miles of the race is run ON the track of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I am a big fan of IndyCar racing, so this is a big deal for me. I've seen the track from the stands, but how awesome will it be to see the track under my feet?? Amazing. I am doubly excited about this race because my fave half racing buddy (and bestest buddy in general), Lauren, will be racing with me! We have our hotel room reserved - less than 4 blocks from the start line and 3 blocks from the race expo.

I now have a plan to get me through May of next year - here we go:

1) Keep up with my normal/random runs/cross training through next Saturday when I do the Hocking Hills 10K Indian Trail Run. That's my last race of the season.

2) Starting the week after that, I am either going to a) sign up for an 8 week program with devil trainer B at the gym (which includes a diet plan) OR b) follow the Thrive diet (Vegan triathlete Brendan Brazier's awesome sports fueled vegan diet) for 12 weeks while doing run club twice a week, swimming once a week and spin once a week. I haven't decided which yet. Option A holds me accountable to someone AND a high $$ expense while Option B will be "teaching a lady to fish" for lifelong diet changes. I'm unsure which way I will go.

3) Whatever diet plan I take, it will get me through either late November or December. January will be working on maintaining any weight loss and beating away the winter blues.

4) February will be the start of Half Marathon training. I plan to use the FIRST method for half marathon training.

5) May 7 will be the Indy Half, and I would really love to hit 2:15. I have no idea if that is possible, but I would like to think so.

6) TRI SEASON 2011!!!!

That's the big long plan anyway. Is it crazy I've already got next year mapped out????

SIDENOTE: If anyone is interested in Lifetime Fitness and wanting to know about my experience, please feel free to ask. I was just e-mailed to give someone a 7 days pass to any Lifetime Fitness, so if you want one just leave a comment and let me know! They've got locations all over the country. I've been pretty darn happy and think you may too!


gmontalvo13 said...

congrats! what a great pic...so many people!

Julie (ROJ) said...

Congrats, lots of exciting things on the forecast