This time, without assistance

I've enjoyed my free personal training sessions at LT Fitness. I really have. B, the devil trainer, has been great. He has kicked my butt in a matter of days. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. This wouldn't necessarily have to be the case if I managed to have a gross income of $100K per year, but unfortunately I make a bit less than that.

While I adore B's services, to keep him as "my trainer" would cost way more than I can pay. I worked out with one of his groups last night and it was killer. Absolutely killer. The man had me doing circuit weight training with 2 minutes of treadmill in between circuit repeats. He made me set the treadmill at level 8, which is 7 minutes/mile. Holy crap. The 1.5 hour workout was amazing, and I have no doubt that if I signed up for the three month kick start ass kicking I need, I would be down 20 pounds and on my way to being kick ass shredded.

BUT - it's not in the cards. Even the group training sessions are too pricey for my blood. Instead I will be setting my own fitness schedule, sans Trainer B. I'm going to continue trying out fitness classes at the gym which will help me stay active and keep my heart strong over the "off season." I'll continue to go to run club, and I will even start to build in more circuit training to my routine.

Someday, maybe someday I will call someone "my trainer." I got all pumped about how I would look and feel after 12 weeks under Trainer B's care - but I'm not one of those New Albany housewives who can drop $400+/month to have a 26 year old guy tell them what to do. Alas, I can dream. Someday, but maybe someday...

And massive kudos goes out to run club coach Aaron - completed Ironman Louisville in 11:41. Absolutely amazing. And I get to go to his run club sessions FOR FREE! yay!

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