Three races, two weeks

I just signed up for another one. hee hee hee.

Thanks to a friend who works for local corporate giant - Ambercrombie and Fitch - I will now be running the A&F Challenge, a 5K charity race around the A&F Campus in New Albany. This actually works out well, as I will need a 10K and a 5K time to use as my "base time" before I kick off 12 weeks of the FIRST program.

I am running the Emerald City Quarter Marathon on Sunday - which for all intensive purposes is a 10K + a bit. Now add in the A&F Challenge four days later, and I should have fairly representative run times. The third race rounding out the two weeks will be the Hocking Hills Indian Run, but that is its own beast. That's an experiment rather than a time trial.

In other exciting news, at lunch today I get to go pick up my race packet for Sunday's race! yay!

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