So far, so good

Yesterday I made it to my second run club workout. As the post title states, so far so good. We had 10 people (I believe) meet at 6pm in the gym lobby. Everyone did at least 5 miles and a couple folks did 8. I held my own pretty well. I was middle of the pack for the whole run. I'm not a techie runner, so I didn't even have a watch on. I've also ditched my iPod when it comes to running, so I didn't even have that. Therefore, I have no idea how long the run took. The one thing I DO know is that we left the gym lobby shortly after 6pm, and when I was walking out to go back to my car, my phone said it was 7:15pm. That means the run had to have taken less than an hour, as I spent a good fifteen minutes hovered over the sink in the locker room panting and rinsing my face, re-filling my water bottle for the ride home and changing shirts. With all of that being said, I assume the run took anywhere from 50-60 minutes. Knowing me and my normal runs (and knowing I was pushing it on this one), I am guessing I was anywhere from a 9:30-11:00 mile. Not very scientific, eh? On average though, I was probably around a 10:30 mile. I did a total of 5.38 miles (mapped it out when I got home), so I am a happy camper. Run club is going to work well for me. In this I am confident. I push myself to stay ahead of the back of the pack and try to keep the fast people at least in my sights.

The new kicks also held up well. I'm a tad sore this morning, but nothing too major. Overall, very happy with the shoes.

Run coach told me to keep watching my arms. What I realized is that it isn't so much swinging my arms, but I am swinging my upper body which in turns swings my arms FOR me. I am wasting a ton of energy on flapping my upper body around. How do I fix this? Run with my arms tied down? Carry a stick behind my back? Wear a brace? I've even seen this in my race photos - it's a problem. And it is turning out to be really hard to stop. Perfect example? See below. This was that wretched 5 Miler in Granville for the 4th of July. When I'm tired, the swinging gets especially bad. Any tips, running pros?

swing, swing, swing

Tonight I am off to NC. I'm bailing out of work a tad early to tackle the 8 hour drive to Durham. I'm visting former work peeps tomorrow and catching up on some Durham night life, too. Saturday is a wedding in western NC, and Sunday I return to Ohio. Hubby has his own stuff going on, so I'm making this trip solo.

While in Durham, I also plan on tackling the Al Buehler cross country trail (it's been a while!) and maybe even the American Tobacco Trail. It's fun that my old stomping grounds are now "destination runs" on vacation.

Alright peeps - I will catch you all later. Have great weekends - and to anyone racing, KICK SOME ASS!

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liz said...

First of all, I'm so glad everything's going well with your running group !

About the swinging thing, I have a big problem with this too. It used to be worse, but ever since I started focusing on two simple drills during my runs I've improved SO much.

The one that works really well for me is to imagine you have a piece of cord or string hanging from each ear. With each arm movement, pretend that you are pulling each string down and under your armpits. It will keep your arms moving forward rather than from side to side. Try it !