Ten Things Tuesday

1. I got new shoes today. Sweet, sweet beautiful new running shoes. I actually graduated from a full motion control/stability shoe to a plain ol' stability shoe. The Asics 3020 will be on my feet starting this afternoon. I checked out a local running store, Second Sole, in Gahanna. They were awesome. Went in on my lunch break at noon, I was fitted, ran around the building and walking out with my new kicks in about 20 minutes. And they have a super cute store doggie. They told me that if I have any problems over the next few weeks to just come back in. Excellent. I'll keep you posted on how they work out.

2. I've got a running coach. Well, not just MY running coach, but I joined a run club and there is a coach...who stayed back with me on Sunday's group run to analyze my gait and give me some pointers. Said coach is tapering before an Ironman race on August 29. For me, that is as close to a running coach as I've ever had, so I now consider him my coach. He does not know this yet, but that is the case.

3. So far Lifetime Fitness is working out well. The run club meets on Sundays and Wednesdays. I will definitely do all the Sunday meetings, and as soon as our trivia team takes the title at Pappa Boo's trivia at Buckeye Lake, I will start hitting the Wednesday workouts. I am probably the slowest runner there, but hey - that gives me something to aspire to, right?

4. I had a great training weekend. Saturday was a 15 mile bike ride, Sunday was a run with run club. I was hosting an event at the house at 1, so I couldn't do the full 7.5 miles the group committed to, but I did manage to hang for 5 miles. And when I say "hang" I mean "fall behind the rest of the group and watched them as they disappeared over the horizon." Monday I swam for about 25-35 minutes (I LOVE HAVING POOL ACCESS!) then did a one mile run on the treadmill. It would have been two miles (as suggested by the running coach), but my damn old shoes gave me a big blister on my right arch.

5. What I learned from my running coach Sunday - I am a heel striker, I swing my arms too much and I am breathing inefficently. That's a lot to work on.

6. I am now working on my stride and can already feel changes. I am trying to move towards a more mid-foot strike. I had issues with stress fractures way back when I started running, and I honestly think that's why I ditched the ball of the foot running... 'cause my foot broke. Then I overcompensated and started heel striking.

7. It's hard to run and not swing your arms around (for me anyway). It is taking super serious concentration to not do this as much.

8. I am really really excited for September 5th's half of a half.

9. I am off to NC this weekend. A good friend is getting married at a vineyard in Western NC on Saturday, but that means I still get a good day and a half in Durham. Yay. I miss Durham.

10. I've lost almost 10 pounds. I lose two more, and I am no longer an "Athena." Not sure if this is a good thing or not..........

That's my ten things. What's up with you???


Big Daddy Diesel said...

THe people at the Gahanna are awesome

I like all you are doing for your run, you will see vast improvements soon. Nice work and impressive

liz said...

I totally agree. New shoes, a coach and a running group - all great things. Can't wait to read the updates.

Malicia or "lee" said...

You are at Lifetime! I love Lifetime! I haven't been able to join the run club but my favorite classes are Monday Strictly strength with Kate, Kickboxing with Alexander, Pilates with Julie and Spinning with Mike and Joe. I wish I was around I'd come join you!