Enjoy your 3 day weekend, USA

...or as my buddy D put it "Half Day for the USA!"

I know I will - or at least I hope I will! With two races on the docket, the butterflies in my tummy are already starting. weeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Also, I will be picking my Mom up at the airport in less than 4 hours, which is also uber exciting.

I just wanted to take a second and wish everyone happy and safe 4th of July. In my little town, they already have the whole strip of downtown blocked off and the midway is setup. Tonight are the fireworks - should be awesome. The high for today is 80 and for the fireworks tonight, we will actually need jackets - it's going to be 55 degrees. Amazing. There are some awesome things about Ohio!!!!

One last note - all of you runners/triathletes/people reading, please take a minute and read Merit's story here: http://marit-chrislock-lauterbach.blogspot.com/ I don't know Merit personally, and I only ran across her blog recently. She's a 29 year old awesome triathlete who ended up having a ridiculous health scare - it started out with her thinking she merely had swelling due to a minor injury. Turned out that wasn't the case at all. Just take a second and read through this - it may save your ass later.

With that being said, I will have race photos and 4th photos in a few days. Please send me good vibes this Sunday and Monday - I am going to need it. And for all of you racing this weekend, kick some ass. You rock!!!!!


T said...

Oh, man, I wanted to leave you a good luck comment but then you had to go and link to that blog post. Man! Her story is eerily like mine... She's even the same age I was when I got my first clot. It really makes me wonder how many young, healthy women I've met with pulmonary emboli.

Anyway. Good luck!!! I look forward to your race reports!!!

M said...

Well, so glad you are doing as awesome as you are! Thank you so much for the well wishes - I am super nervous!!! you have any July 4 races on the docket?

Mrs. Duffy said...

Wow... first, that was scary, and T, you are tough as hell... second, good luck good luck good luck! And happy 4th!