I survived - a quick recap

Hey, all - Just wanted to check in and say I did two races in two days and I survived. However, I am totally exhausted and slightly nauseous - have been since Sunday afternoon. I am now wondering if I started on the road of heat exhaustion and that my body still hasn't caught up quite yet. My 90 day review at work is from 11-noon today. I think I may use my new found "non probationary" status to take 4 hours of paid time off and head home at noon today.

I will post a bigger race recap and photos later, but here's the quick and dirty.

JCC Tri - Swim went great - faster than I had hoped. BUT - I started near the end of the line which meant standing poolside for over an hour before starting the race. By the time I hit T1, people were already crossing the finish. Bike went well once I got going. T1 went fine, get to the point where I am heading out onthe course and I realize I had not connected my left break. Stop and do that. Get around the corner, pedals won't go. Chain popped off the back. Take 10 minutes to find someone to help me, then on my way. Passed several people, kicked the hill's asses. T2 was fast and smooth. Run was horrendous. 90% of the course was unshaded and it was nearly 11am by the time I was on that part of the course. It was just so hot. Luckily I had my fuel belt or I would have fallen over. Took me WAY too long to run a 5K but found a buddy at the end to keep me challenged. He and I leap frogged the whole last mile of the run and had a great sprint into the finish line.

In the end, I cam out 4th of 6 Athenas. Had I not had the bike issues, I actually would have taken 3rd place Athena. Gives me something to work for. My final time was 1:44. I could have finished in 1:34 or faster if the damn bike thing wouldn't have happened. Next goal? Sprint distance in 1:30 or less. Totally do-able.

Granville Firecracker Five Mile Race: Only one word to describe it - hell. By 8:15 am at start time, it was 90+ degrees and humid. Again, over 90% of the course was unshaded. I also had no idea that everyone who ran this race was a sub 8 minute mile runner. Therefore, I started at the back of the pack and remained there the whole time. 55 minutes to finish the damn thing. I came in NEXT TO LAST in my age group. Out of 500 runners, I only finished ahead of 50 people. Terrible experience. I did it, but I guess with all factors I did fine. Not sure if I will do that run again next year - or at least not do a tri the day before.

That's the quick and dirty of it. Pics and insights later!!!! hope your long weekends were great!


T said...

That sucks about the bike! Still, you did well anyway and you know you'll rock the next one.

And my 5m last weekend in the crazy heat was 54 minutes, without the excuse of a TRIATHLON the day before. Take all the rest you need - you earned it!

Mrs. Duffy said...

Whooo... nice double! Also, how are you an Athena??? Your pictures sure don't look like you qualify. I mean that in a nice way!

Maybe the nausea is from not replacing enough electrolytes? That's happened to me in the past when I did a little hot yoga. With a 90 degree start for the second race, I bet you sweat a little bit!

Anyway, happy recovery!

M said...

Mrs. D, I think you are totally right. I didn't do a good job of post race(s) recovery and now I am paying for it. After heading homw at noon yesterday to rest and drink lots of fluids, I feel stronger and the nausea is fading. Good lesson for next time. Although, I am not sure I will be scheduling races back to back anymore!!!

And thanks so much for the kudos and Athena sentiments :-) i am, indeed, an Athena by about 6 pounds. Maybe by next summer I won't be :p