I hate water bottles

Why are these even still legal? I mean really. Little plastic water bottles? I despise these little guys. Carry your own cup or reusable bottle. Or refill and old plastic water bottle. But geeeeez - you really have to get a new one every time you want water?

I work at a place that keeps them in the refrigerators. Even the little bity 6 oz water bottles. That is like 2 gulps. Then done. But there is a whole bottle for it. People grab these things out of the fridge, drink half during a meeting and then leave it there. GASP. I have my 90 day review next week, and my goals will be set for the rest of the year. I am hoping I can convince my HR director that I should eventually be seen not only as the process fixer but also the green guru. This is just ridiculous.


::stepping off soapbox::

Anyone else ever handled this kind of stuff in a workplace? How did you get your organization to say bye bye to water bottles?


T said...

I am SO with you. I mean, seriously. What I think is especially amazing is how the bottled water industry has us all convinced that tap water is somehow bad. I've fallen for the brainwashing, too, and I often find myself avoiding drinking fountains and the like because they taste funny. SO SAD.

Liz said...

I'm with you. An 80-ish year old lady in Massachusets helped her town ban them.


alicia. said...

Yes. Bottled water is really irritating. Sometimes, I think that some faucets don't taste the best, but water is water. It's cheaper to buy a reusable water bottle instead... keep refilling it! Good luck!

Malicia or "lee" said...

I hate them. I do buy them when on the road and when at home I recycle. I feel beyond guilty but it's hard traveling. I've stayed at one Sheraton that had recycling and some walmarts and targets have bins for plastic. I use one of those reusable metal bottles at the gym and at home. I work event marketing and you would not believe how many wasted water bottles that people take sips out and throw away!!!