Really? That bad?

Race photos were posted for the Deer Creek tri. oh goodness. And I always thought my half marathon race photos looked horrible. One would think that I was about to fall over and die. Well, I guess I was about ready to fall over, but not so close to the dying part.

Hello, belly button!

SWIM update: I had a swim lesson this past Saturday with one of my husband's colleagues who happens to be a former triathlete. Just one hour in the pool with him gave me SO many helpful tools to get my swim up to par. Turns out I wasn't breathing enough, and I was using my core to get my body to twist - when in actuality the act of reaching out with one's arm is enough to naturally get your body to twist. Crazy. He taught me some drills with the pull buoy, kickboard and breathing. I feel so much more prepared for pool workouts now. THANK YOU, Dr. D!!!!!

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Mrs. Duffy said...

You look like a triathlete :)