This whole summer triathlon adventure was supposed to reach its exciting climax on August 8 at the Granville Dog Days of Summer Triathlon. It would be my longest open water swim, longest and hilliest bike ride and end with a 5K on the trail I have become so familar with in the past year. The whole race would be in my backyard, and I would have lots of friends at the finish cheering me on.

Not anymore. I happened to check online yesterday and found out that the race is now a duathlon. It's a 5K run, 10 mile bike, 5k run. Ick. I love the idea of a tri. You get one event done, and you are DONE with it. Swim - check. Bike - check. Run - done. I don't know if I can get mentally prepped for Run - one down, one to go. Bike - done, but now I have to run again. Run - ugh, didn't I do this already? The race format just does not sound appealing.

When I told hubby about my disappointment, he suggested I find a "destination" race and we could make a weekend out of it. I may have found another Ohio tri for that same day but close to a very cool place I have been wanting to visit for YEARS. I just e-mailed hubby about it this morning. If he's in, I'm signing up for a different race that may actually be more challenging than the Granville one. But it will sure keep me on my toes for the rest of the summer. I'll keep you posted.

I ordered a pair of clearance tri shorts from Team Estrogen last Friday, and the shorts were in my mailbox yesterday! Insanely fast shipping! The shorts are AWESOME. They are the Zoot 8 inch shorts, and I hope they work well for me. They are a tad snug on the thigh at the moment, but I'm hoping they can stretch out a bit as I use them to workout. Love the shorts and LOVE the price. I'll provide a better review once I have worn them out!

My super cool new tri shorts! I have the ones with the blue and pink piping!


Amy said...

Aren't there any races in Atlanta? You know you'd have a super cool place to stay. :)

Tiffany said...

Just found your blog, can't wait to follow along. Triathlons are on my list of things I'm interested in trying:) (I'm pregnant right now though so it'll be next year). Happy blogging