Back at Home

After 4 days in Austin, I am back at home and back at work.
Biggest update? The final results are up for the Girls Tri Too Deer Creek, and I placed 6 out of 21 in the Athena category! I am super duper pumped about that finish.

Before I left for Austin, I signed up for my next race - the JCC Independence Tri for July 4. The cool thing about this one is that my Mommy will get to see me race! She will be spending July 4 weekend with Mike and I, so we will get up dark and early on the 4th to head out to Hoover Dam. This is the same basic location where I ran my awesome 10K a few months back, so I'm hoping that I can continue to perform well here.

In the meantime, I need to be in the pool A LOT. The JCC tri swim will be in a pool rather than a lake, so I am thinking it is rather imperative to stick to my proposed finish time on the swim (I don't want to get run over!). It's up one lane and back down, go under the rope and continue - until 300yds. This will be 50y further than the Deer Creek tri, so I need to be ready. It looks like I am getting some informal swimming lessons this coming weekend, so maybe getting a better understanding about form will help me get up to speed a bit.
Turns out that even though I felt fast on the bike this past weekend, I was barely in the top half of my group for that portion of the race. It was the run where I actually did best, according to times. For the bike, I was in 10th, but in the run I was 4th. Interesting. That means I need to be workin on my bike skillz too.
I am just so jazzed about this big new adventure. I was actually excited to get out and run while in Austin. I'm used to quiet flat trail running, so to get out and run in the middle of a city was exhiliarting. I ran all through downtown Austin and on the running trail next to the river. I was excited each day for the conference to be over so I could go run. It is doubly awesome because normally at conferences, the last thing I want to do is workout. I'm normally looking for the hotel bar or a chance to sneak in naps. But this new adventure has totally put me onto the "excited about fitness" train. Very awesome.

Oh, and I am now officially down 5 pounds. SWEET.

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Barbie said...

Goodluck on your next Triathlon.
Great blog.