Happy Father's Day + 1

Happy Father's Day! Welcome, Summertime! What a wonderful time of the year.

I adore summer. And I adore my Dads - both of them. I am lucky enough to not only have a wonderful Dad but also a wonderful Stepfather. Both are great guys, and I am thrilled to have them both in my life. Lucky for me, one of my dad's visited hubby and I in Ohio this weekend. He drove up from Houston in his super cool new convertible, and we spent a very low key and relaxed weekend together. We did some shopping and lots of eating. We hit the farmers market (and I found out that I still don't like beets) and we had a cookout. All in all, it was a wonderful visit. Sadly enough, Dad hit the road this morning. He's stopping at the Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio and the Speedway Museum in Indianapolis before making the drive back to Texas. Since Stepdad was in TX, I gave him a phonecall to say "You're awesome! i love you!" I hope the sentiment traveled well.

With Dad in town, I am happy to say that I still stuck to my workout routine. I promised my buddy D that we would do the final Jillian push for 10 days straight - no excuses. Ten days, Level 3, then DONE. Friday started the countdown, so I now only have 6 days of Jillian left. Six long days and Jillian will be out of my life for a bit. That's fantastic. While Dad was in town, I got up the morning and did Jillian before I allowed myself to become social. On Saturday afternoon, I even wandered out and did a 3 mile run. Yay for me. Sunday brought Jillian again with no second workout for the day, as we grilled out for Fathers Day.

This week I MUST get on the bike. I have been avoiding it. The funny thing is, I enjoy the bike once I get out on the trail. What I do NOT like is getting TO the trail. I'm scared to ride on the street. cars get so close, and I am still a tad wobbly on the bike. I find that riding the bike in town is ridiculosly scary and I hate it. I need to just drive the bike to the trail and board there. I think that's just what I need to do from here on out. The next race is only two weeks away, and it will mean a 12 mile bike ride. I know I can pull off that distance, but it may hurt much more than it needs to if I don't get my ass in the saddle.

I managed to get a tad sprinkling of a sunburn yesterday, so I am putting off today'sregularly scheduled pool workout until some of the redness fades. That means tonight is bike ride. It MUST be. The cool thing is i can wear my super cool new tri pants (with padding!) and see how they work on a ride!

That's it for here. Nothing else exciting to report. Oh, except I am super pumped it is OFFICIALLY SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!

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