I TRIed, and it was AWESOME

At the finish!
Hey, all -

I am actually off to a conference tomorrow morning in Austin, TX for four days, so I wanted to at least let everyone know I survived. The weather was beautiful, the course was great, and starting my multisport life at a ladies only tri was a super smart decision, if I can say so myself.

I don't have a ton of time at the moment to give the full re-cap, as I have to pack and have some fun evening plans, but here's the quick version:

SWIM - Oh man, this is my weakest part. I ended up doing the breaststroke more than anything else as freestyle wears me out so quickly. But I got through it and didn't drown. I now know that it's THIS leg where I can dedicate most of my energy and be able to knock a ton of time off my finishes.

BIKE - Since the course was relatively flat, I did well. I actually made up lots of time due to my slow swim. I passed many ladies on the course. Downhills are amazing. Uphills are not. But I've finally figured out my gears, where I can push, and where I can flatten. I was probably the most surprised about my performance on this leg.

RUN - Still felt like molasses, but it went as well as can be. More brick workouts in the future so I can learn to shake off that initial "HOLY CRAP" transition.

Course: 250y swim, 7 mile bike, 2 mile run
Final Time: 1:03:49

My goal was 1:15, so I definitely beat that! The folks at the race didn't properly pull the Athena times, so I have no idea how I did in "my" category. Since the Athena tag didn't work (it didn't work for anyone), we were all grouped into our age groups.

I was 9 out of 21 in my age group (30-34) and placed 51 overall (early total was about 110 or so??)

Great experience. Totally sold. Next race? July 4. YAY!

Postscript funny story: I get to the finish, hubby is nowhere in sight. I wait - thinking he's in the restroom or something. Nothin. I wait about 5-6 mins with no luck, so I walk to the car. Hubby looks up and says "What are you doing here?? YOU'RE FAST! You weren't supposed to finish for at least another ten minutes!" He gets a free pass for missing my finish purely because I was just too damn fast :p

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