Time to end the "pity" party

I've been holding together pretty well since Christmas. I made a trip to NC shortly after the New Year, and that was awesome. I then started riding the interview train, and that also helped my mood a lot. But here we are - with still a week to wait on the job verdict, and I am starting to get pretty down. The university job hasn't checked any of my references yet, so I am guessing that means I am not in the top two candidates. Bummer. I thought the race training would help me stay "up" - and it has to some extent. Exercise in general keeps my energy level and spirits high. But hubby has been working the hours of a junior investment banker at Bear Sterns in its glory days, and I am lonely. He works hard and has an ever growing stack of things he needs to do. But I'm at home with my training regimen, Sex and the City and three cats. I'm struggling. I miss my friends and my old social life. I miss having a handful of people to call at any time to go grab a drink or hang out.

But it is time to end this pity party. How you ask? By consulting an online tarot card reading of course! The results:

The Star represents hope and trust, and the Lovers symbolize uncertainty and lack of confidence… You can see a conflict brewing! To tell you that you’ll need to have more faith in your significant other and in the future is a bit of an understatement today, dear M! (while I have full faith in my hubby and our future, I'm just bummed he isn't around much! I miss him - he's a cool dude.) Everything around you indicates that your situation is improving; your perspectives are good, luck is on your side, the people in your life are behind you. So why cast doubt on everything when it is clearly not necessary?

With my tarot reading in hand, I am staying positive. But I do have a few other tricks up my sleeve too ...

More to come on that later!

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