The best therapy? Friends. And Durham.

While some see Durham as the dirty step child of the Triangle, I see it as heaven. I love you, D-town, and I miss you so much!

While my mood has been shaky due to the unsureness that is the job hunt, I needed something to break me out of the funk that has been rearing its ugly head. After a mini breakdown this past weekend, my wonderful husband hugged me and said, "Why don't you go to North Carolina and see the girls?" This is only one of the many reasons I love this man. It is exactly what I needed, yet I had never brought up the suggestion as I know we needed to watch funds. Instead, he knew I needed my girls. So I packed up my bags and headed to the heaven that is Durham, NC. Don't get me wrong, I feel incredibly blessed and lucky to live with my wonderful husband in our cute little town in our awesome house with all of our very cool new friends nearby. But sometimes you just need your girls.

I packed up and hit the road Thursday morning. I was in Durham by 4:30. I had the immense pleasure of surprising Cookie, who had no idea I was coming. Lauren and I walked up to the Fed only to see Cookie do a double take and burst out of her seat and run to the door. It was fantastic. Follow that up with many (the count was 23, right Neil??) PBRs between 5 of us over a course of about 2.5 hours. Then it was off to the Whiskey in downtown (wow, I like that place). End the evening with Cosmic Cantina, and it was the PERFECT Durham Thursday. Friday we laid low most of the day, but we came back full force with a classic Saturday night at the James Joyce. Durham, I love you so much!

The weekend was filled with beer and unhealthy food, but Lauren and I did get out and do a 6 mile run on Saturday morning. She is running the Tobacco Road Half Marathon this upcoming weekend in Cary - along with Mer and a few other folks we know. While I imbibed a bit too much beer and fried food, I feel I didn't totally fall off the training wagon.

I headed back to Ohio on Sunday. Albeit a short trip, it was just what I needed. I missed my hubby and kitties, but it was excellent to see all my girls. I miss you all so much. Thank you for making my visit nothing shy of amazing!

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