I am so thrilled, excited, pumped, and happy to announce that I HAVE A JOB! And not just any job. A job that was created specifically for me by a wonderful local credit union. A job they created for me nearly a month ago and allowed me to take my sweet time before I responded while I pursued other opportunities. A job that will pay me more than I have ever made to date and challenge and stretch me professionally. This means I did not get the offer from a certain university less than a quarter of a mile from my front door, but it does mean that I have a job. I am so frickin excited. I don't see accepting this other opportunity as a second rate choice. The institution is fantastic, the job sounds enthralling, and they really really want me on their team.

After almost a year of job hunting, I've sealed the deal. Tomorrow I will sign an official document accepting the offer and I will be setting my start date. I absolutely positively cannot believe it. Finally - gainful employment!

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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